Boosting production of critical materials

Semiconductor availability is essential to continued advancement of modern industry. Over the past decade, semiconductors have fueled development of breakthrough technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, while enhancing products in medicine, clean energy, and consumer electronics sectors. Continuing this evolutionary journey in technology will require more advanced chips with greater computational power and memory capacity.

As market demands continue to rise and governments concentrate on reshoring the manufacturing of critical technologies, our customers look to rapidly expand their production capabilities. As the need for large-scale mega facilities accelerates, Bechtel is working with manufacturers who require critical support designing and building semiconductors of the future.

Our international footprint, commitment to schedule, and market stability strongly speak to our ability to identify and address the evolving needs of customers. Bechtel provides services to specifically meet constantly evolving industry demands, including supply chain assessments, pre-FEED studies, engineering services, project execution, and commissioning. We offer safe, ethical solutions supportive of local communities.

We have a history of collaborating with customers across the globe to deliver large-scale manufacturing and industrial facilities. In November 2022, Bechtel announced it was selected by Intel to build new semiconductor manufacturing factories in Ohio, learn more.

We have the vision and technological expertise to support our customers with the interconnection and incorporation of advanced equipment. We are focused on helping our customers achieve their goals in building a more reliable future.