We leverage our experience in thermal fuel plant design to deliver large-scale solar thermal projects

Solar thermal constitutes an important part of sustainable, renewable energy that offers significant advantages such as zero fuel costs and reduced NOx and SOx emissions. We leverage our experience in thermal fuel plant design, such as natural gas and coal, to successfully deliver large-scale solar thermal projects no matter the technology. Bechtel’s services cover the full spectrum of reliable power generation.

Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to build projects, no matter how complicated—experience that brings confidence to our customers' lending communities. Our field-tested construction techniques and best practices can be brought to bear early in project planning to ensure successful execution, and we ensure a scalable team for scalable solutions.

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  • Engineering
  • Sustainable design and construction
  • Procurement
  • Technical feasibility
  • Permitting
  • Grid connectivity
  • Commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Community relations

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, California, USA

An engineering marvel, Ivanpah is one of the largest concentrated solar power plants in the world. It has reached iconic status thanks to several first-of-a-kind elements that make it a world-class facility.

The 392-megawatt facility sprawls across 3,500-acres (1,416 hectares) of California’s Mojave Desert and includes 173,500 heliostats and three power towers, each topped with a 2,200-pound (1,000-kilogram) boiler.

Bechtel is one of the only EPC contractors to use Six Sigma, a set of tools and processes that identify efficiencies in large, complex, repetitive projects. Six Sigma was used to discover new and efficient ways of handling, transporting, and installing millions of components and materials, in addition to erecting the power towers. It also helped the Bechtel team exceed expectations, assembling more than 500 heliostats per day—or more than 1.7 every minute.