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Uranium Processing Facility

Bechtel is a majority partner of Consolidated Nuclear Security, the team building the Uranium Processing Facility at the Y-12 National Security Complex. The design and construction is subcontracted to Bechtel’s U.S. government services company and will be a multi-building, state of the art complex for enriched uranium operations related to nuclear security.  

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Y-12 National Security Complex

Bechtel leads the team that manages and operates Y-12, one of the key manufacturing plants for maintaining the nuclear weapons stockpile for the United States, ensuring a safe and effective nuclear weapons deterrent. The site retrieves and stores nuclear materials, and it fuels the nation's naval reactors, as well as performs research and development for the government and private sector.

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Pantex Plant

Bechtel leads the team that manages and operates the Pantex Plant, the nation's only assembly and disassembly and integrated explosives manufacturing facility supporting the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile.The approximately 18,000-acre (7,300-hectare) site is responsible for dismantling weapons and conducting surveillance and maintenance on aging weapons and the nuclear stockpile.

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Kwajalein Range Services

Since 2003, Bechtel's team has provided operations and logistics services to manage and operate the Ronald Reagan National Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site for the U.S. Department of Defense. The project’s comprehensive integrated engineering, logistics, and infrastructure services enable the U.S. Army to carry out its crucial national security mission of ballistic missile testing, space surveillance operations, and satellite tracking. The team manages operations and logistics for the entire island including the school system, marina, hospital, and airport.  

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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Since 2006, Bechtel has worked in partnership with the University of California to manage and operate Los Alamos National Laboratory, a premier U.S. facility in national security and scientific research, and one of the world's largest multidisciplinary institutions. The team manages more than 10,000 employees on the 36 square-mile (93-square-kilometer) Department of Energy-owned property. The Los Alamos lab site includes more than 2,000 individual facilities, including 47 technical areas with 8 million square feet (743,000 square meters) under roof.