Alba project in Bahrain

Alba awards Bechtel to conduct Line 7 Project’s Feasibility Study

05 December 2022

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), one of the world’s largest Aluminium smelters, had a virtual meeting with Bechtel’s officials to discuss various topics of mutual interest on Monday 05 December 2022. During the virtual meeting, Alba has awarded International Bechtel Co. Ltd. (Bechtel) to conduct Line 7 Project’s Feasibility Study.

Westinghouse,-Bechtel team ready to deliver for the Czech Republic

Westinghouse, Bechtel ready to deliver for the Czech Republic

30 November 2022

A Westinghouse-Bechtel team today submitted its proposal to support the Czech Republic’s planned expansion of its nuclear power fleet with the AP1000® reactor, the world’s most advanced, proven nuclear reactor in operation globally.

Bechtel-led coalition to support Decarbonization Strategy  of Egypt

Bechtel-led coalition to support Egypt’s Decarbonization Strategy

11 November 2022

Egyptian LNG has awarded a feasibility study contract to the Bechtel-led Coalition for Decarbonization that includes Enppi, Petrojet, Baker Hughes, GE Digital, HSBC and NBE. The study will assess implementation of a zero-flaring system at the Egyptian LNG export terminal (ELNG) in Idku, east of Alexandria.