Bechtel Applauds U.S. Proposal to Support Civilian Nuclear Power Overseas

14 July 2020 RESTON, Va.

Policy will help level the playing field

Bechtel, a leader in engineering and construction of clean, reliable nuclear power plants since 1952, has submitted a statement endorsing the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation’s proposal to fund civilian nuclear power projects overseas.

Barbara Rusinko, president of Bechtel’s Nuclear, Security & Environmental global business unit, said “The policy will help level the playing field and ensure that developing nations have a secure, U.S. option to finance, build, and operate civilian nuclear power plants. 

“Competitor nations, particularly China and Russia, bring full financing packages to support their companies with generous terms – large tickets, affordable rates, and extended tenors.  If DFC can join EXIM Bank in a support package that provides a compelling value proposition to buyers, it would allow that buyer to select a U.S. bidder instead of having to pick a better-financed foreign competitor based solely on financial need,” Rusinko said.

The statement went on to affirm the rights of developing countries to have access to clean, affordable, secure, and reliable electricity as the foundation of a transition to a 21st-century economy.

“Energy security is national security, and the U.S. nuclear supply chain is key to that mission,” Rusinko said.

The International Development Finance Corporation conducted a 30-day public comment period on the proposal. Visit DFC’s website to read more about the proposed change.

Read Bechtel’s entire comment here.