Kosovo Motorway Reaches Key Milestone

23 August 2011 SAN FRANCISCO, California

Collaboration Focuses on North American Market

Bechtel and its partner Enka yesterday hosted a visit by the Prime Minister of Kosovo to inspect progress on the Kosovo motorway project. 

Prime Minister Thaci said: "I am very pleased to have seen today this extraordinary progress of the works on the Kosovo motorway.  I am confident that Bechtel and Enka will achieve the promise they have given to Kosovo people and open the first 38 kilometres of motorway this year.  This is the project of the future of Kosovo."

Civil President Mike Adams thanked everyone working on the project for their efforts, saying "Bechtel is very proud to be delivering a high quality motorway for the people of Kosovo."  

Bechtel and Enka are constructing a 102 kilometer motorway starting from the border with Albania at MorinĂ« and connecting at the north of Pristina, Kosovo's capital.  The four-lane motorway will serve as a centerpiece of the country's national transportation system.