Significant Progress on Dulles Metrorail

29 October 2010 RESTON, Virginia Construction of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Extension project, which is being built near Washington, D.C., is moving forward above and below ground. Crews have made significant progress on the elevated guideway structure that will carry the Metrorail over I-495, the region's primary highway, as well as Tysons Corner, one of the area's most congested business and retail districts. At the same time, a 2400-foot tunnel is being built under the intersection of Route 123 and International Drive as the traffic continues through Tysons Corner, and as the businesses and residents are going about their daily routines.

The progress of the project was highlighted on W-USA 9, a Washington, D.C. area TV station. The report featured interviews with Bechtel construction managers. Watch the video.

Construction of the project began in March 2009, with the signing of a $900 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The project is being constructed by Dulles Transit Partners, a team of Bechtel and URS, and will include five new Metro stations and 11.5 miles of new track. The project is owned and managed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.