Bechtel Wins U.S. Gov’t Work to Reduce Biological Threats in Uzbekistan

03 August 2010 Uzbekistan

The U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) recently awarded Bechtel National new work in Uzbekistan under the Biological Threat Reduction Integrating Contract (BTRIC).

Bechtel will complete Phase 2 of DTRA's Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) that includes Threat Agent Detection & Response, Biological Security & Safety, and Cooperative Biological Research. This will lead to the creation of a system sustained and operated by Uzbekistan. Bechtel's work will commence in November 2010 and continue through October 2015.

Previously, Bechtel completed Phase 1 of the program in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia that included advanced engineering and concept design and the achievement of the Initial Operational Capability (IOC) through construction and operation of numerous biological facilities.

Bechtel recognizes the importance of its work for DTRA in support of the agency’s mission to reduce the global threats of biological weapons while engaging former bioweapons scientists in peaceful research. Bechtel's work experience in the Eastern Europe and Western Asia as well as the commitment and unique capabilities its people bring to this project, will continue to advance DTRA’s mission in Uzbekistan.

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About DTRA

The U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)  is a U.S. Department of Defense combat support agency that focuses on reducing the threat of weapons of mass destruction through a combination of advanced technology programs and innovative operational methods. Several technologies developed at DTRA have made significant impact in Afghanistan and Iraq.  DTRA also has an integral role in several international WMD-related treaty verification programs.

About Bechtel National, Inc.

Bechtel National, Inc. (BNI), a member of the Bechtel group of companies, is a leading engineering, procurement, construction, and project management contractor for the U.S. government. Since its founding in 1977, BNI has successfully managed large, complex, first-of-a-kind projects in such areas as federally-owned site management and operations, environmental mitigation and restoration, defense, space, energy, and national and homeland security.