Bechtel Receives First Annual Award for Using Technology to Achieve Exceptional Building Project Value

22 November 2004 Frederick, MD

Bechtel Receives First Annual Award for Using Technology to Achieve Exceptional Building Project Val

Center for Integrated Facility Engineering and Harvard's Center for Design Informatics. Companies that entered the competition nominated projects that used effective business methods, enabled by computer applications, to create new facilities that have exceptional value for owners.
Bechtel submitted the Stageworks product, a system developed to solve challenging requirements - the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, and other UK-based rail projects providing high-speed infrastructure for the nation's commuters and tourists. Bechtel CIO Geir Ramleth reported that with excellent staff management and use of new computer-based project modeling and control methods, the project improved productive use of available construction time from 69% to 95% and provided 100% reliability in turnover of the rail right-of-way to scheduled operations following nightly construction activities.
"Bechtel did a great job of building a process to meet their goals," said John Kunz, CIFE's Executive Director and conference chair. "They set ambitious goals, established superb design and construction processes, and actually achieved much of what they sought to achieve. Their work is a great accomplishment."
Prior to announcing the award winner, CIFE and CDI jointly offered a one-day Executive Briefing on Stanford's campus to discuss ways that specific computer-based business methods can create new facilities with the greatest value for customers. At that event, Bechtel CIO Geir Ramleth gave a keynote presentation, using the Stageworks example to illustrate how his Information Services and Technology group offers value to Bechtel projects.
 "I'm proud of the work we did to help Bechtel meet our customers' goals," Ramleth said. "The solution was really effective, adding to the safety and quality of our final deliverable. The recognition from CIFE and CDI added to our satisfaction."
Solution solves project-related restrictions
Significant restrictions on Bechtel's project required that much work be carried out at night and weekends, reducing the impact on the public's use of the existing rail network. Each component of the work thus had to be performed to precisely defined schedules. Stageworks helped Bechtel meet strict scheduling requirements and also enhance safety. The approach exceeded expectations set by both Bechtel and its customers.
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