Usaid Announces the Re-opening of the Tikrit Bridge in Iraq

22 September 2004

Usaid Announces the Re-opening of the Tikrit Bridge in Iraq

The Tikrit bridge was in danger of collapse following the conflict; two partial spans had already collapsed into the river. As part of its contract with USAID, Bechtel National, Inc. began repairs to the bridge in August, 2003. The Iraqi firm subcontracted by Bechtel, the 77 Construction Company, removed damaged sections of the bridge, retrieved debris from the riverbed to prevent erosion around the piers and the riverbank and placed two temporary bridges to permit one-way traffic – of limited weight and reduced speed – during on-going reconstruction. Other work included repairs to the damaged beams and piers, installation of the bridge deck, and replacing guard rails and lights in accordance with current building standards. The approximately $5.4 million project presented a unique challenge because the bridge had been distinctly designed and the original plans were unavailable.

Hamad Hamood Shekti, the Governor of Salah Ad Din and Khalid hassan Mlahdi, the Director of Roads and Bridges for Salah Ad Din Governorate, attended the official opening at the bridge along with representatives from USAID, Bechtel, the 77 Construction Company, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the Army's 1st Infantry Division.
Iraq's transportation networks are vital supports of commerce, culture, and infrastructure. As part of the U.S. government's overall reconstruction efforts in Iraq, USAID, and the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division are cooperating with appropriate Iraqi Ministries in implementing $27.8 million to repair Iraq's bridges and railways.

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