Iraq Infrastructure Reconstruction: Project Update

26 June 2003

Iraq Infrastructure Reconstruction: Project Update

 Port of Umm Qasr―Dredging, removal of unexploded ordnance and sunken vessels, and power repair work continue to progress at the port of Umm Qasr. The goal is to accommodate grain-bearing ships by mid-July. In the next two weeks, seven World Food Program vessels with approximately 103,000 tonnes (114,000 tons) of rice and bagged wheat flour are scheduled to arrive at the port.

Baghdad International Airport―Bechtel is constructing temporary terminal areas, repairing sanitation facilities, beginning to provide communications capabilities, and providing emergency power. While a series of generators provide 6.5 megawatts of reliable electricity, electrical teams will work to bring in commercial power from outside sources.

Bridges―Bridge work also has moved forward, with a focus on the Al Mat Bridge bypass in western Iraq and bridge-and-pipeline infrastructure in northern Iraq. In addition, after a partially collapsed bridge on Highway 10 fell on June 14, Bechtel was authorized to mobilize equipment to remove the damaged bridge. Work is under way to unblock the key highway.

Contractor Conferences―A fifth in a series of contractor conferences is being planned for Basrah in mid-July. Bechtel's June 18 contractor conference in Baghdad drew roughly 1,000 attendees. The purpose was to reach out to Iraqi contractors, obtain prequalification information from contractors, create realistic expectations, and explain the subcontracting process. To date, more than 7,800 companies from 93 countries have registered on Bechtel's supplier database.