Intergen Applies For Licenses To Build 800 Mw Co-generation Plant In Rotterdam

06 October 2000 Rotterdam

Intergen Applies For Licenses To Build 800 Mw Co-generation Plant In Rotterdam

Due to its use of advanced technology and its co-generation capability, the generation facility is expected to be one of the most efficient in Europe.

"This is an important investment in Rotterdam and a major development for InterGen in continental Europe" said Mark Somerset, Rotterdam Project Manager. "Having already had extensive discussions with the authorities in drafting our license application and environmental impact statement, we are confident we can meet very high environmental standards and make a significant contribution to the provision of environmentally friendly energy in the Netherlands," he added.

Rotterdam Energy Company Ltd., which is progressing discussions regarding a cooperation with the Rotterdam-based distribution company ENECO, expects to receive all necessary permits and licenses to construct the co-generation facility by April 2001. That date will mark the conclusion of an extensive period of statutory review and public consultation. Shortly thereafter, InterGen intends to commence construction of the facility with a view to commercial operation targeted for mid-2003.

InterGen is an international power generation firm. The Company is operating or building a total of thirteen power stations representing 10,350 MW. It also has power stations in advanced development representing an additional 6,895 MW. The Company has projects operating, under construction, and/or in advanced development in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, China, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, and Australia, and is developing projects across the globe. InterGen is a Shell-Bechtel venture.