Image of New software models the wrenching forces of ship wakes in port environments

New software models the wrenching forces of ship wakes in port environments

11 December 2012

Bechtel-led port design research in the Netherlands is featured in a special report in Engineering News Record. Marco Pluijm, senior ports specialist, explains how the results of the ROPES project will create new software which will improve port design in the future.
Source: Engineering News-Record


Image of Safe berthing

Safe berthing

01 December 2012

Dennis Vinkoert, executive editor of Ports and Shipping Industry finds out how Bechtel is gaining valuable insight which will make ports safer in the future.
Source: Ports & Shipping Industry (PDF)

Image of Nuclear power generation

Nuclear power generation

12 October 2012

Greg Ashley, president of Bechtel's nuclear power business, participated in a roundtable discussion on the current status and future of nuclear power generation in the U.S post Fukushima.
Source: Power Engineer 

Image of Bechtel and the Middle East

Bechtel and the Middle East

01 October 2012

David Welch, region president of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, discusses Bechtel’s history and work in the Middle East.
Source: The Gulf (PDF)

Image of Concentrating solar power

Concentrating solar power

20 September 2012

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, expected to be the largest solar thermal project in the world when it comes online next year, reached the halfway mark of construction in August. Jim Ivany, president of Bechtel's renewable power business, discusses the company's work on the project and the future of concentrating solar power in the U.S.

Image of Panda power projects

Panda power projects

18 September 2012

Bechtel and Siemens Energy Inc. are building two new new natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle power plants for Panda Power Funds. The plants are located in Temple, Texas, and Sherman, Texas.

Image of Building in megacities

Building in megacities

01 May 2012

Bechtel’s role managing Crossrail, the largest engineering project in Europe, is featured in a special report on megacities. Bechtel's John Keane, chief construction Engineer, talks about the importance of planning during the building of this new rail route through the heart of London.
Source: PM Network (PDF)