Bechtel National, Inc. hosted contractor-supplier conferences in Washington D.C., London, Kuwait City, Baghdad, and Basrah during May-July 2003 to inform the worldwide contracting community of its role in USAID’s Iraq Infrastructure Reconstruction Program. The initial round of contractor-supplier conferences is now complete. Including Basrah, and the multiple presentations made at various venues, 10 presentations were made in five cities in four countries on three continents, all less than 90 days after USAID’s award of the prime contract on April 17. A total of approximately 6,500 people attended the conferences. No fee was charged for attendance.

It was not necessary to attend these conferences to receive information about the contracting process. Most materials distributed at these conferences are posted below; others, including the Q&A and a transcript of the Washington, D.C., conference, will be posted soon.

The content of each conference, regardless of the location, was identical.

Each conference included, among other topics, an overview of Bechtel’s role and the status of Bechtel’s support of USAID’s humanitarian assistance efforts. Other factors, including maximization of Iraqi resources, were discussed. Additional topics were:

• Insurance requirements
• Performance securities
• Collecting expressions of interest
• Determining bid lists for specific programs and job orders
• Tendering and tender evaluations

Contractor-supplier materials

Bechtel and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) (PDF: 246.5 KB, 1 page)
Information on Tendering (PDF: 243 KB, 1 page)
Information on U.S. Government Regulations (PDF: 188 KB, 1 page)
Information on Insurance (PDF: 223 KB, 1 page)

Presentation: Supplier-Contractor conferences (Basrah, Baghdad)

Basrah Conference Overview (PDF: 170 KB, 8 pages) 
Iraqi Contractor Questionnaire (Iraqi companies only) (PDF: 370 KB, 11 pages)

Presentation: Supplier-Contractor Conferences (Washington D.C., London, Kuwait)

Full Version (PDF: 4.0 MB, 22 pages)
Part I (PDF: 2.3 MB, 5 pages)
Part II (PDF: 1.0 MB, 9 pages)
Part III (PDF: 966 KB, 8 pages)