Authors: Matt Jaouhari, Freeman Self, and Yuqing Liu

Acoustic-induced vibration (AIV) and Flow-induced Vibration (FIV) are two phenomena that have been used interchangeably in the industry. Both phenomena cause fatigue failures in piping systems at stress discontinuities (pipe fittings, bends, reducers and welded pipe supports) but their generation mechanism and mitigations are different (some mitigations are applicable to both phenomena). The intent of this paper is to shed a better understanding of the two phenomena and an increased understanding of the effect of these vibrations on piping systems. This paper identifies differences of the two phenomena, types of vibration produced, energy transmission, impact on piping system and mitigation options. The two phenomena will be compared and contrasted side by side to show important similarities and differences that should be understood by all engineers working/mitigating pipe vibration.

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