Twenty-one charities are doing more to deliver health services, food programs, learning resources, and emergency financial help, thanks to underwriting from the Bechtel COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Created at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the $3 million Fund is partnering with nonprofits to address urgent human needs in the company’s project and office communities.

“Our first round of gifts totaled $770,000 and went to 21 charities in 2 countries,” says LeeAnne Lang of Bechtel Group Foundation, which provided the funds for the special giving program. “By September, we’ll have distributed a second and final round of gifts in partnership with GlobalGiving, the first and largest crowdfunding community to connect nonprofits, companies, and donors worldwide.”

Positive impact

The $770,000 in first-round gifts from the Bechtel COVID-19 Relief Fund helped charities address the diverse needs created by the pandemic in the company’s office and project communities.

Improve health

Fight hunger

Promote learning

Support families

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