2015 Bechtel Reports


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LRQA Assurance Statement

Relating to the reporting processes for Bechtel’s Sustainability Report for the calendar year 2014

This Assurance Statement has been prepared for Bechtel Corporation in accordance with our contract but is intended for the readers of this Report.

Terms of Engagement

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Inc. (LRQA) was commissioned by Bechtel Corporation (Bechtel) to provide limited assurance on its processes for reporting data and information into it’s 2014 Sustainability Report (“the Report”).

Our assurance engagement covered Bechtel’s operations and activities worldwide and specifically reviewed Bechtel’s internal processes for collecting and reporting data and information within their Report.

Consistent with Bechtel’s reporting boundaries, our assurance engagement excluded the data and information of Bechtel’s partners, suppliers, contractors and any third parties mentioned in the Report. Our assurance engagement did not include verifying the accuracy of data and information reported. Our assurance engagement also excluded Bechtel’s stakeholder engagement and materiality review processes.

Ultimately, the Report has been approved by, and remains the responsibility of Bechtel. Bechtel’s management was responsible for preparing the Report and for maintaining effective internal controls over the data and information disclosed. LRQA’s responsibility was to carry out an assurance engagement on the Report in accordance with our contract with Bechtel. LRQA disclaims any liability or responsibility to others as explained in the end footnote.

LRQA’s Opinion

Based on LRQA’s approach nothing has come to our attention that would cause us to believe that Bechtel has not adhered to their processes for collecting and reporting data and information disclosed in their Report.

The opinion expressed is formed on the basis of a limited level of assurance and at the materiality of the professional judgement of the verifier.

LRQA’s Approach

LRQA’s assurance engagement has been conducted in accordance with LRQA’s verification procedure which is based on current best practice and processes defined in ISAE3000. The following tasks were undertaken as part of the evidence gathering process for this assurance engagement:

  • Reviewing an early draft of the Report (12 January 2015 version v 5) as a basis for understanding the data and information reported;
  • Reviewing Bechtel’s process for collecting content for the Report, including Bechtel’s Enterprise Sustainability Report Process Guide Corporate Affairs Version 1 2014, examples of Content Collection Forms and emails used as the basis for narrative within the Report;
  • Reviewing the Ecological Footprint Procedure 2014 for collecting and reporting environmental data from a designated set of Bechtel offices and corresponding data from the data collection database;
  • Reviewing CP 108 EH&S Incident Notification, Investigation and Reporting 8 October 2014 procedure for collecting and reporting incident data;Reviewing instructions from Bechtel’s database for collecting and reporting safety, environmental and health data company-wide; and
  • Interviewing a Sustainability Specialist at Bechtel responsible for compiling data and drafting the Report.


Bechtel has made improvements to their processes for developing the Report and collecting data to be included, most notably in the documented procedures for report development and data collection. As Bechtel’s processes for report development and data collection continue to evolve and improve, LRQA recommends the following to ensure material issues are considered for reporting and to increase the accuracy and reliability of data and information disclosed in future reports:

  • Updating the Ecological Footprint Procedure 2014 to improve instructions to the data reporters and QA/QC reviewers;
  • Expanding the materiality review process to ensure stakeholder interests are addressed; and
  • Reviewing company-wide performance data currently being shared in the report and the rationale for selection of this subset of data.


Andrea Bockrath
LRQA Lead Verifier
On behalf of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Inc.
LRQA reference: RMA10139A
Dated: 11 February 2015
Dated: 6 June 2014