2015 Bechtel Reports


Global megatrends—from the expected population surge to the scarcity of resources—are changing the way we design, construct, and operate critical structures and systems that will benefit society for the long term. Where the world sees challenges, we see engineering solutions.

Jubail Industrial City Saudi Arabia

Engineering the Next 100 Years

Sustainable engineering has always been intrinsic to Bechtel, and one of the most promising opportunities to advance its effectiveness is Big Data. Satellites, drones, and sensors are all providing historical and predictive data and analytics—weather patterns, integrity of existing infrastructure, population movements, traffic patterns, erosion, and more. This information affects how projects are planned, designed, and managed for greater reliability, resiliency, affordability, and sustainability.

Future-proofing our energy security

Bechtel is working with a variety of customers to diversify America’s conventional energy. In the last five years, Bechtel delivered three solar projects powering some 275,000 homes in California. In the state’s Mojave Desert, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, a massive solar thermal complex, has nearly doubled the amount of commercial solar power in the United States.

Bechtel partners with world leaders in academia and industry to manage and operate two U.S. national security laboratories—Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos—where energy security is national security. With annual operating budgets of close to $2 billion at each facility, Bechtel’s best practices in overcoming engineering challenges, managing complex megaprojects, and creating efficiencies in business systems are enabling breakthrough research in areas such as advanced solar, safer nuclear power, hydrogen fuel cells, superconducting materials, smart grids, and resilient infrastructure.


  • Bechtel delivered three solar projects powering some
  • 275,000
  • homes in California. The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System has nearly doubled the amount of commercial solar power in the United States.
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System California, USA
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, California, USA

Re-engineering mines

Mines require large amounts of water to operate—for transporting and processing materials, suppressing dust, and cleaning equipment. Maintaining a sustainable water supply without depleting local systems, however, is a challenge. This is especially true in South America, where regulatory requirements and societal concerns over competing demands for water continue to grow.

Our solutions provide better alternatives for the mining industry. One example is our work on the Escondida copper project in Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth. There, the average annual rainfall is six-tenths of an inch, or about 15 millimeters. We are developing one of the largest desalinated water supply systems in the world to secure a reliable water supply for two copper concentrators and preserve Chile’s scarce groundwater. Water from the Pacific will be pumped and processed to separate the brine and filter minerals and other biological content, then transported approximately 112 miles (180 kilometers) across the Atacama Desert to the mine’s reservoir, 10,500 feet (3,200 meters) above sea level.


  • Water will be pumped approximately
  • 10,500
  • feet (3,200 meters) above sea level—and 112 miles (180 kilometers)—from the Pacific across the Atacama Desert to the Escondida mine’s reservoir.
Escondida Water Supply Chile
Escondida Water Supply, Chile
Our vision is to lead the industry in designing facilities that are built and operated in an environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically efficient manner, and that will leave a positive and sustainable impact on our customers and on society. Dr. Amos Avidan
Corporate Manager of Engineering, Bechtel
Dr. Amos Avidan

Transforming the kingdom

Bechtel is helping Saudi Arabia advance its ambitious infrastructure initiative, which promotes local private sector development, new sustainable cities and communities, and protected habitats.

Together with the Saudi government, we are developing four of six new economic cities—King Abdullah Economic City, Knowledge Economic City, Jazan Economic City, and Prince Adbulaziz Bin Mousaed Economic City. Core to the cities’ planning and design is economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Bechtel is using imaging technologies to generate conceptual visualizations of the projects prior to development and capturing critical information to plan, design, and construct for sustainability. These include using recycled water for irrigation, adopting solar power for heating and cooling, and applying urban sensors to optimize energy efficiency.

Creating Resilient Infrastructure—#build100

Bechtel is working with the industry to address strategies for deploying sustainable resilient infrastructure around the world.

Learn more at #build100.

Waad Al Shamaal Saudi Arabia

Project Life Cycle


  • Identify and assess sustainability issues
  • Identify alternatives to manage issues
  • Engage key stakeholders


  • Understand customer sustainability goals, objectives, and priorities
  • Identify sustainability activities
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Engage with subcontractors on sustainability expectations


  • Identify and agree on sustainability objectives
  • Engage key stakeholders


  • Assess potential changes in sustainability issues
  • Identify sustainability programs
  • Engage with subcontractors on sustainability


  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Engage subcontractors on sustainability expectations
  • Continue to identify and manage potential impacts


  • Transfer a positive legacy to customer
  • Conduct performance feedback and continuous improvement processes

Our Focus Areas


Protecting People and the Environment

We use our proven processes, innovation, and expertise in engineering, procurement, and construction to develop, design, and execute projects with the greatest care for the natural environment as well as for the people who can be affected by our projects.


Promoting Economic Development

In addition to our substantial spending through local purchasing and hiring, we build and enhance the capacity of local workers and companies, stimulating long-term economic development beyond the projects we deliver.


Partnering with Communities and Society

Bechtel is committed to supporting the communities that host our projects and offices, and to using inclusive, participatory approaches by which we respect local cultures and values, promote dialogue, and build mutual trust.

Bechtel is a founding member of the Smart Cities Council, the world’s premier organization in the development of Smart Cities and cutting-edge technology. As leaders in this field, we apply innovative technologies in power, transportation, water, and architecture to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and livability of the world’s urban expansion. James Denton-Brown
Manager of Planning,
Smart Cities Lead, Bechtel
James Denton-Brown
Riyadh Metro Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Metro, Saudi Arabia

Respecting human rights

Bechtel is committed to respecting human rights everywhere we operate, consistent with Bechtel’s Vision, Values & Covenants and the spirit and intent of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In 2014, we updated our procedures and trainings for labor, security, and community engagement. We also shared our approach to managing potential human rights issues in supplier relationships at two collaborative learning programs organized by the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights in London and Jakarta.

In 2014, Bechtel became an observer to the International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Providers, an international nonprofit organization that promotes the provision of security services that respects human rights.

Uncompromising ethics

Our high standard of ethical business conduct is one of the company’s most valuable assets and is a direct result of our colleagues’ collective commitment to exercising the highest level of professional and ethical behavior. We seek customers and partners who share our values, and we promote global standards of ethical business conduct through our involvement with leading organizations, including the Compliance and Ethics Leadership Council of the Corporate Executive Board.

All of our colleagues receive compliance training that addresses the risk areas they are likely to encounter in their jobs. Our colleagues also participate in annual ethics awareness workshops, scenario-based training led by their work group managers. The Bechtel Ethics HelpLine, with access to native speakers or translators of more than 200 languages, provides our colleagues with an independent, confidential channel to raise questions or concerns.

Celebrating Diversity UK

As one of the most respected engineering, construction, and project management companies in the world, Bechtel is uncompromising in its integrity, honesty, and fairness everywhere we operate. Nancy Higgins
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer,
Nancy Higgins