The Bechtel Report 2016

Dream Big

Bechtel partnered with the American Society of Civil Engineers and MacGillivray Freeman Films to create Dream Big: Engineering Our World, a first-of-its-kind film for IMAX® and giant screen theaters aimed at inspiring students to pursue careers relating to STEM fields.

Dream Big is more than a movie—it is a movement intended to capture our imagination and promote engineering in our children’s education and in our culture. It transforms how we think and feel about engineering, and it inspires future innovators to pursue STEM education and technical careers.

Bechtel understands the vital importance of STEM to the future of the workforce, and as such supports numerous programs to prepare students for this wave of jobs. We also understand the need to humanize STEM as a purpose-driven career path. Not only do STEM skills serve as the backbone of our business, innovative STEM professionals will be essential to delivering on our commitment to engineer the next 100 years of humanity’s existence on this planet and, potentially, beyond.

We understand the importance and potential of exposing young people of all backgrounds to STEM. For us, the spirit of ingenuity and innovation can come from anywhere. Diverse perspectives and experiences challenge our engineers to think differently, and we are committed to extending the opportunity of STEM careers to all those who wish to make a positive impact in the world.

Bechtel is proud to share these stories of how engineers and their feats have changed the world. Featuring the Great Wall of China, underwater robots, and the heroic personal stories of those who dared to Dream Big, we hope that young minds are inspired, hearts are opened, and passion is kindled, and that the world will welcome the next generation of talent to engineer the extraordinary.

Dream Big Movie Poster