We represent the essence of what Bechtel can offer customers—from simultaneously completing three megaprojects to applying cutting-edge technology to increasing efficiency. We strive to be the contractor of choice for customers, with whom we work collaboratively to solve complex problems and convert their visions into reality.

Our plan for delivering excellence in the new normal of our markets is built on the strong foundation of our Vision, Values & Covenants. This foundation supports our efforts to differentiate ourselves through our unique value proposition to be the most innovative, best integrated, and most collaborative and competitive contractor in the market. We are concentrated on self-performance across engineering, procurement, and construction as a way of providing certainty to our customers and as a key risk mitigation in today’s environment.

Alasdair Cathcart
President, Oil, Gas & Chemicals

In 2016 on Curtis Island in Queensland, Australia, Bechtel completed the third of three adjacent LNG facilities we designed and built for three different customers. For nearly five years, 15,000 colleagues lived and worked on the island, while more than another 15,000 worked worldwide to engineer and procure materials and supplies for the facilities. Together, the three projects used enough concrete to construct seven Empire State Buildings, enough structural steel for 13 Eiffel Towers, and enough electrical cable to run the entire length of the Grand Canyon 11 times. The Curtis Island projects represented the largest greenfield undertaking in Bechtel’s history, for which the company was honored when these projects were selected as Construction Project of the Year in 2016 by Platts Global Energy Awards. It also was named best power/industrial project of the year by Engineering News-Record.

Empire State Building

With an eye toward competitiveness, we actively refined our value proposition in the downstream and chemical markets. We also leveraged resources and experience from other sectors within Bechtel, which helped us better address our customers’ challenges and created more value for them.

During the year, we ramped up the automation and digitization of our processes, which deepened our integration with Bechtel’s functions and other business sectors. We are now better positioned to serve as a partner for customers from concept origination to implementation.



Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project

With the 2016 completion of the first of five liquefaction trains at Cheniere’s Sabine Pass operations in Louisiana, we helped deliver the first new U.S. LNG export in nearly 50 years and the first ever from the lower 48 states.

First LNG export in 50 years

Cheniere’s operations at Sabine Pass had previously focused on receiving and regasification of LNG, using facilities we completed in 2005. But as market conditions changed and as the United States dramatically increased its shale gas output, Cheniere hired Bechtel to convert the regasification facilities to enable liquefaction and export, ultimately creating a bidirectional facility better suited to changing market conditions.

Sabine Pass

The work at Sabine Pass provided Bechtel an opportunity to advance our steadfast commitment to help U.S. veterans find well-paying jobs as they transition from military service to the private sector. Through an innovative welder training program carried out in partnership with Cheniere, a local technical college, and a U.S. Army installation in Louisiana, Bechtel trained veterans as part of a comprehensive, threephase training and job qualification program. The Cheniere Craft Development Program has proved immensely successful, as veterans are nearly half of the welders working at Sabine.

Sabine Pass | Louisiana, USA

2016 Select New Projects and Milestones

Galeota Expansion

Bechtel was awarded an EPC contract and received full notice by BP Trinidad and Tobago to proceed on the Galeota Expansion project. The project will update a condensate-handling facility and add a new produced-water facility at BP’s Galeota Point Terminal in the southeastern part of the island of Trinidad, improving its environmental performance.

BP West Nile Delta Gas Processing Plant

We received full notice to proceed on the construction of the BP West Nile Delta Gas Processing Plant near Alexandria, Egypt. The onshore gas-processing terminal is expected to produce about one-fourth of Egypt’s gas supply when it is completed.

Innovation—Differentiating Bechtel

Innovative changes to our supply chain processes help Bechtel add value for customers of our Oil, Gas & Chemicals business. To deliver the best results for customers, we are developing a consolidated set of manufacturing and fabrication facilities to deliver the components needed for our projects. By self-performing, Bechtel is able to improve quality and schedule, enhance logistics, and reduce costs for our customers.

Corpus Christi Liquefaction

Bechtel successfully completed roof raises on both tanks at a Corpus Christi, Texas, liquefaction plant project, for Cheniere.

Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex

Shell Chemical selected Bechtel for a multibillion-dollar ethylene and polymers plant just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bechtel’s work on the complex will help stimulate overall economic growth and create jobs in a region that has had economic struggles.

Escondida Water Supply

As part of a Bechtel multidivision collaboration led by our Mining & Metals business, we completed dual pipelines and pumping facilities that will carry desalinated water from Chile’s coast to the Escondida copper mine in the Andes.

Working with Bechtel, Cheniere achieved something that has never been done before anywhere in the world. We achieved substantial completion on three LNG trains in 10 months. We couldn’t have done that without Bechtel and their expertise.”

Jack Fusco
CEO, Cheniere
Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Liquefaction Project | Texas, USA

I am the third generation from my family to work in the oil and gas industry. My grandfather was a geologist and my father was a drilling engineer. Most of my childhood was within a 10-mile radius of an oil refinery or a gas plant. Therefore, my curiosity for the field was formed at a very early age.

Siddharth Gangopadhyay
OG&C, Project Engineer
Wheatstone, Australia
5 years at Bechtel