While the mining and metals industry showed signs of revival in 2016, we continued to successfully execute ongoing contracts while applying innovative ideas and tools, and increasing our emphasis on worker protection and safety. As a result, 2016 marked the safest year in Bechtel’s history for our Mining & Metals business.

We’re introducing innovative technologies to help our customers meet their competitiveness objectives. Whatever our customers need, we are agile, cost focused, and prepared to partner with them to execute and deliver.

Paige Wilson
President, Mining & Metals

2016 Select New Projects and Milestones

Los Pelambres and Distrito Minero Centinela

We recently completed a feasibility study for the complementary infrastructures of Los Pelambres and the feasibility study stage 1 of DMC copper projects in Chile. Bechtel’s long and highly successful relationship with Antofagasta Minerals S.A. (AMSA) began in 1995, with construction of the original Minera Los Pelambres facility. In the interim, Bechtel has executed multiple projects for this customer.


The Amrun project, near the Embley River in north Queensland, Australia, will expand Rio Tinto’s Weipa bauxite mine to ensure a steady supply of raw material to two of its alumina refineries in Gladstone, Queensland, as well as for export. Our contract at Amrun encompasses construction of port and ship-loading infrastructure, barge and ferry operations, product-handling facilities, a beneficiation plant, a diesel-fueled power station, and other support facilities and projects.

Alba Six Potline

Bechtel was chosen to construct the sixth potline for the Alba aluminium smelter in Bahrain. Upon completion of Line Six Expansion Project by early 2019, Alba will be the world’s largest single-site aluminium smelter, thus exceeding the aluminium production capacity of the continental United States. Bechtel served as the EPCM contractor for two previous expansions of the Alba smelter.

We awarded the two feasibility studies to Bechtel in very competitive bid processes based on Bechtel’s considerable global and regional experience, the capacity of both the company in general and its key personnel in particular, and the fact that the company also took part in developing the original Los Pelambres project.”

Julio Bustamante
Project Manager, Project Vice Presidency – AMSA



Escondida Water Supply

In 2016, we successfully completed the Escondida Water Supply project in Chile. Our Bechtel-Techint joint-venture team built dual 112-mile- (180-kilometer-) long, 42-inch (107-centimeter) pipelines that will carry desalinated water from Chile’s Pacific coast, across the Atacama Desert, to the world’s largest copper mine, Escondida, located almost 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) above sea level in the Andes Mountains. Our Bechtel-Sigdo Koppers joint venture completed the construction work for the desalination plant and plant facilities.

Dual 112 mile pipelines

The project team also built support facilities for the pipelines, including a series of electrical substations and high-pressure pump stations. Delivered on schedule and on budget, the desalination plant is pumping water and, when fully completed, will be one of the largest seawater reverse-osmosis facilities in the world.

Escondida Water Supply

Bechtel drew on expertise from the company’s Infrastructure and Oil, Gas & Chemicals business units to perform transmission lines, pipeline, and tank construction work. This first-of-a-kind collaboration of Bechtel capabilities has paved the way for similar “One Bechtel” teaming efforts for other customers’ complex projects, saving the customer time and money by offering scope at the highest quality from the same contractor.

Escondida Water Supply
Escondida Water Supply | Chile
Amrun Engineers

Amrun Innovation

At the Amrun bauxite project in Australia, Bechtel engineers conceived an innovative method for constructing a marine terminal. Their construction process relied on setting modularized piles into the ocean floor with the platform pieces pre-attached. This allowed our project team to accelerate construction in a safer and more-efficient manner than by driving piles and attaching platforms later.

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Taweelah, Abu Dhabi
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