We develop and deliver projects that connect and power communities around the world. Our Infrastructure business has colleagues working in 20 countries on major power, rail, aviation, civil infrastructure, and wireless communications projects. Our expertise encompasses engineering, procurement, and construction through to project management consultancy. A mutually reinforcing connection between our engineering, procurement, and construction skills and our experience, along with our project management capabilities, enables Bechtel to be the most-effective delivery partner for our customers. This enables us to successfully deliver some of the world’s most challenging projects across the full spectrum of roles ranging from self-performed engineering and construction through creating lasting partnerships with our stakeholders and customers. We engineer and we deliver the world’s most challenging transportation, power, and communications projects.

In a competitive market, our people continue delivering some of the world’s toughest projects. We have invested in both our regional focus and our technical capabilities in all sectors: rail, power, aviation, communications, and civil. We are focused on major infrastructure projects that sustainably connect and power communities worldwide.

Craig Albert
President, Infrastructure

The year 2016 saw a continued global trend of urbanization, with some estimates suggesting a growth of cities by 200,000 people a day. As a result, these communities need new and upgraded sustainable infrastructure, transit systems that transport populations, new power plants and new water, and transportation and communications systems. We continue to build on our key business differentiators, including proven innovative public-private partnership approaches to funding megaprojects and successful use of local supply chains and talent pools. In the process, we create and sustain thousands of jobs.



Stonewall Energy Center

The Panda Stonewall Power project is in Loudoun County, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. This 778-megawatt project, the fourth we have executed for power development company Panda Power Funds, features the latest in cutting-edge combined-cycle power generation. The facility, which is expected to finish ahead of schedule, will provide cleaner generated electricity to 800,000 homes and—with new, permanent jobs—boost the local economy.

Cleaner electricity to 800,000 homes

Stonewall uses both a gas and a steam turbine together to produce more electricity from the same fuel than a traditional simple-cycle plant. The waste heat from the gas turbine is directed to the steam turbine, generating extra power from less fuel.

Inside Stonewall

On Bechtel’s combined-cycle power work, a cross-section of company managers and project team members review past projects and develop a standard execution approach. Their findings reduce installation costs and enhance design, procurement, and construction—thus adding value for our customers.

Stonewall Energy Center | Virginia, USA

2016 Select New Projects and Milestones

Edmonton Valley Line Light Rail Transit

As part of the TransEd Partners team, we were chosen to finance, design, supply vehicles, build, operate, and maintain the Valley Line of the city of Edmonton’s light rail project. The project will be delivered using our public-private partnership procurement model.

Riyadh Metro

Boring Machine

In the capital and the busiest city in Saudi Arabia, Bechtel is halfway through this majestic project to build two new lines for Riyadh’s metro system. In 2016, the Bechtel-led consortium, BACS, completed all tunnel excavation. The project used a variety of classic and innovative tunneling techniques, with four giant tunnel-boring machines that collectively drove 10 miles (16 kilometers) beneath the city.

Kosovo Motorway

Progress continued on our seven-year work to expand Kosovo’s motorway network. In 2016, the company and its joint-venture partner, Enka, completed a 40-mile- (65-kilometer-) long section of Route 6, the highway that will carry traffic from the capital, Pristina, to neighboring Macedonia.

The best decision of my 27-year career was bringing in Bechtel last year to manage the last 30 percent of the Spadina subway extension construction—one that will ensure the line is up and running next year and not in 2018 or 2019.”

Andy Byford
CEO, Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto-York Spadina subway extension

Innovation—Virtual Project Delivery

We continue to reimagine how we work. Using virtual project delivery, our application of the latest technologies, Bechtel is reinventing our standard tools and processes. This leads to more dynamic forecasts and better program management, saving customers money and accelerating delivery schedules.

Our data-filled smart models reflect model dimensions, weight, and temperature restrictions, giving project teams better insight into engineering and design. For example, by intelligently modeling the volume of soil on a project as individually tagged cubes, we can actively manage excavation and backfill, mitigating potentially costly access and egress issues. We are layering in scheduling information to achieve 4-D models—which help us visualize construction progress, such as the U.K.’s Crossrail project, now renamed the Elizabeth Line—and are now integrating costs to achieve 5-D models for bid proposals and projects.

Growing up, I always wanted to build things. As an engineer, I don’t do the actual building, but I do get to be integrated with the planning, building, and management to make a real contribution.

Lloyd Young
Infrastructure, Senior Principal Engineer
San Jose, California
46 years at Bechtel