The Bechtel Report 2016

Promoting Responsible Business

“Bechtel’s culture creates a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment that drives innovative business practices across the globe. The company’s leaders are committed to creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds, leveraging their input and experiences in everything we do.”

Enyonam Tsikata Human resources advisor, EPC Functions, Bechtel

Bechtel and Engineers Without Borders, Cambodia


Bechtel is resolute in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical business conduct wherever we work. We seek customers and partners who share our values, and we support collective action to promote global standards of ethical business conduct wherever we do business. All of our colleagues receive required compliance training that addresses the risk areas they are likely to encounter in their jobs. Our colleagues also participate in annual ethics awareness workshops, scenario-based training designed to be led by managers in their work group. The Bechtel Ethics HelpLine, with 24/7 access to native speakers and translators of more than 200 languages, provides our colleagues with an independent, confidential channel to raise questions or concerns.

Human Rights

Everywhere we operate, Bechtel is committed to respecting human rights consistent with relevant national laws and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

  • Treat colleagues in a manner consistent with Bechtel’s Vision, Values & Covenants
  • Provide security consistent with international principles when protecting people and assets
  • Engage communities on potential project impacts
  • Engage core suppliers to promote responsible business in the supply chain

We also collaborate with global human rights organizations, customers, partners, and peers to exchange knowledge and practical experiences to inform our business practices.