The Bechtel Report 2016

Moving People Forward

For decades, Bechtel has helped customers bring ambitious urban concepts to life—from special economic zones to entire cities. Our projects assist societies in overcoming challenges of growing populations, connectivity, resiliency, and resource management. Rail is core to these advancements, enabling mobility, access, industry, and growth. Bechtel has delivered more than 300 major subway and rail projects, and is at the forefront of building some of the largest and most sustainable rail systems in the world today.

Riyadh Metro, Saudi Arabia

Transporting Riyadh’s next generation

A Bechtel-led consortium, which includes Almabani, CCC, and Siemens, is designing and building two of six rail lines of the Riyadh Metro Network. When complete, the 109-mile (176-kilometer) system will ease congestion and reduce pollution by giving Riyadh’s 6.5 million residents an alternative to driving. Among the sustainable design aspects, we are incorporating solar panels to power the depots with renewable energy.

Providing access for all London travelers

A key tenet of sustainable development is to extend the benefits of new projects to everyone in a community, including vulnerable populations. One way we are helping to raise the bar for sustainable rail in the United Kingdom is by working with our customer, Crossrail Ltd., to ensure Crossrail, the largest construction project in Europe, is accessible to people with disabilities. Sixty-two percent of disabled Londoners are mobility impaired, and 93 percent of them believe their impairments limit their ability to travel. Accessibility aspects, such as textured ground surfaces, were incorporated from the outset, and now all 40 Crossrail stations are designed and built to help safely guide impaired passengers. By comparison, only 50 stations, or 25 percent, of the entire London rail system are as accessible.

Bechtel also helped Crossrail achieve an “Excellent” Civil Engineering Environmental Quality (CEEQUAL) rating for its western tunnels. The quality rating is the highest international sustainability rating for civil engineering and infrastructure.

Electrifying UK’s rail lines

Bechtel and Network Rail are working on electrifying the Great Western route between London, Bristol, Oxford, Newbury, and Cardiff. In addition to faster, bigger, and more reliable trains, the improvements offer significant environmental benefits. For example, high-performance electric trains will replace smaller diesel trains, yielding significantly lower carbon emissions, which will also improve air quality in pollution hot spots. The trains are also quieter, improving the quality of life for people who live near the tracks. In addition, electric rolling stock is being introduced on the shorter low-speed routes for a better travel experience and a quieter, cleaner environment for neighbors on the urban line.

All 40 Crossrail stations are designed and built to help safely guide impaired passengers.

Crossrail, London, UK