The Bechtel Report 2016

Engineering the Next 100 Years

Gladstone LNG, Queensland

Bechtel delivers the most complex projects in the world for its customers. These feats are not only modern engineering marvels; they spur long-term prosperity and growth that transform countries and lives.

From the Paris climate agreement to the launch of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we saw the world decisively shift to a future of cleaner energy, greener infrastructure, and universal access to clean water.

Amid this accelerating trend, Bechtel delivered for its customers, partners, and society:

  • Clean power for homes, cities, and businesses
  • Rail networks that ease pollution and congestion while improving urban mobility
  • Communities more resilient to extreme weather and natural disasters through our volunteer programs
  • Less waste, energy, and water use at our projects and offices
  • A legacy of sustainability at our projects long after our work is complete

Bechtel also made progress on our strategy to advance sustainability across our business. We’ve implemented new tools, procedures, and initiatives to spur innovation, reduce our environmental footprint, and protect vulnerable workers and communities. These efforts form the backbone of our ambitious long-term goals and targets that we will launch in 2017.

The last century was defined and shaped by industrial development that created generations of prosperity; this century will be defined by sustainable development. The projects we deliver for our customers and the world, and the way we deliver them, will help ensure this century will flourish.

It’s no longer enough to build the biggest projects in the world. We will also be known for building the best projects for the world.

Long-term goals and targets

By 2030, Bechtel commits to:


Sustainable Ideas

Contribute solutions achieving global sustainable development goals.

Our Target:

100 ideas to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Resilient Communities

Increase the resilience of vulnerable communities to natural hazards.

Our Target:

5 million people are safe from natural hazards through our volunteer programs.


Environmental Footprint

Promote environmental sustainability in our projects and facilities.

Our Target:

100% of our key projects and non-project facilities to reduce our environmental footprint.


Sustainable Supply

Drive sustainability in our global supply chain.

Our Target:

100% of our key suppliers have programs to promote sustainability in the delivery of materials and services, as well as within their own supply chain.