Creating a culture of inclusion

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) began at Bechtel as informal support groups and social networks focused on a common affinity, but gaining broader participation and reach over time, today’s BRGs have evolved into corporate entities that provide strategic support to the enterprise. Integrated into our global D&I strategy, BRGs are more important than ever to understanding the needs of our changing customer base, fostering innovation through a diverse workforce, and creating an inclusive culture.

Not only do BRGs provide individuals the opportunity to build professional relationships, expand personal networks, develop leadership skills, and feel a sense of belonging, but they can also help Bechtel attract diverse talent, upskill its workforce, and achieve its enterprise priorities.​

Resource groups

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Employers have the opportunity to recognize and honor the service of veterans and the military to their country by demonstrating a commitment to supporting them. As veterans return to civilian life from military service, they are a great source of talent for private sector employers. They bring distinctive networks, capabilities, and valuable skills developed through real-world, high pressure experience, which are unfortunately overlooked or underutilized.


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NextGen is focused on supporting the orientation, development, retention, and empowerment of employees as they begin and build their careers with Bechtel. This is primarily done though professional development, professional networking, orientation, and stewardship activities.

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Diversity Advisory Council

The Diversity Advisory Council​ (DAC) is an Employee Resource Group based in Houston that promotes learning opportunities across multiple cultures that make up the rich fabric of everyday life. The council does this by planning and organizing events that share our customs, values, beliefs, history, and heritage and enrich our community.


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[email protected]

[email protected] provides a collaborative forum that connects employees around the world as we promote the development and advancement of women at all levels of the company and build a more inclusive environment for women at Bechtel.

Strong women leaders are critical to Bechtel's success. [email protected] will provide employees a place to share experiences and tools for success, as well as the perspective and feedback needed to make Bechtel a great place to work.