The Pool Fire Case for Pressure Relief: Radiation Exposure Limited by Fuel Supply

02 April 2014


In design of pressure relief systems, a pool fire is one of the most typical relief cases. The first step in the fire relief calculation is determining the heat flux input from the fire and methods include the simple to the very complex, covering a myriad of factors and configurations.

This paper illustrates one method where the heat input is limited by the fuel supply. This method complements one traditional method where the heat input is limited by the equipment exposed area. The scope of the paper is limited to the calculation of the heat release, and does not discuss the behavior of the fluid in subject  equipment, the relief rate or relief device sizing.

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Presented For

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2014 Spring Meeting, 10th Global Congress on Process Safety
New Orleans, LA
March 30 – April 2, 2014


Debby Sielegar, P.E 
Freeman Self, P.E