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ThruPlus® Delayed Coking

15 delayed cokers built ... and counting

Our Differentiation

  • Experienced staff, including former ConocoPhillips experts now with BHTS
  • Advances in safety, reliability, dust control, furnace specification, coke drum specification, coke drum interlocks, water management, vent gas recovery
  • Furnace design based on operating feedback and advanced simulation of radiant section tube coking tendencies; specification suitable for competitive bidding
  • Robust coke drum design specification; bulge & crack resistant; designed for 7,000 fatigue stress cycles
  • Innovative multi-point feed nozzle design for coke drums with automated bottom unheading valves to avoid hotspots and blowouts
  • Patented Distillate Recycle technology for selective liquid yield shifting and extending furnace run length
  • Availability of Bechtel expertise for solids handling, mechanical, civil, piping design, metallurgy, control systems, constructability, cost estimating, advanced simulation
  • Experienced with 15 Delayed Coker EPC around the world
  • Active network of licensees (onsite support, studies, technology symposia)

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