Local Capacity

For more than a century, Bechtel has held the belief that we build more than projects, we help progress society through economic development. We are committed to building local capacities for the long term, including advancing initiatives that help local suppliers develop critical skills to be more competitive in future opportunities, whether with Bechtel or other projects.

Building a local workforce

Bechtel has a long history of local workforce development that includes promoting diversity and inclusion, modernizing the construction sector, and preparing people for opportunities beyond the project. For example:
  • Angola LNG: Helped modernize the LNG industry by building the first modern training facility and training more than 8,000 Angolans on project quality and safety.
  • Curtis Island LNG: Paid more than $1.5 billion in Australian wages. More than 10,000 locals worked on the projects, including 436 trained adult apprentices—the largest apprenticeship intake in the country’s history—and more than 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • Gabon National Infrastructure Plan: Hired more than 9,000 Gabonese to deliver the infrastructure plan.
  • Sohar Aluminum Smelter Project: Developed and hired over 800 Omanis in skilled positions; roughly 30 percent of all mechanical assistants were Bechtel-trained Omani women.
  • U.S. Gulf Coast Initiative: Together with our partners we implemented a workforce development program to recruit and train 8,000-plus construction workers to advance energy development in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.

Supporting a meaningful transition

We have always delivered projects that make our customers, communities, and colleagues proud. This includes our efforts to deliver sustainable outcomes when we demobilize from a completed project. At our Las Bambas copper project in Peru, Bechtel and our partner ran a series of workshops for local entrepreneurs to develop new skills and competencies in areas from health and safety standards for transportation, lodging, food, and laundry services to tax preparation and employee relations. To improve project management and accountability, in Gabon, Bechtel helped organize and manage a government agency to oversee the execution of the national infrastructure plan.

Generating local economic opportunities

In the last five years Bechtel spent in excess of $100 billion in goods and services from global suppliers, including small, local, and women-owned businesses. For example: