Communities & Society

Helping people around the world

Whether we are building a metro rail system in Saudi Arabia or constructing a copper mine in the remote mountains of Peru, we are committed to supporting the communities that host our projects and offices and using inclusive, participatory approaches that respect local cultures and values, promote dialogue, and build mutual trust.


Working side by side with customers, communities, contractors, government entities, and local organizations helps us to establish common goals around project benefits and risks. This also allows us to tailor our social investments and volunteer efforts to improve access to basic community needs, including education, livelihoods, housing, nutrition and health care, and safety. For example:
  • In Soyo, Angola, Bairro Fina School No. 68 had limited capacity and resources for its 400 students. By building new classrooms, and expanding the school’s access to reliable electricity and clean water, we are helping to improve the learning environment for current students and future ones.
  • In the UK, several of our contractors on Crossrail helped establish the Supply Chain Sustainability School to promote a common approach and understanding for suppliers and subcontractors to address environmental and social sustainability issues. To date, more than 3,200 members have joined the school from nearly 1,900 companies. As part of the Crossrail project, Bechtel is now engaging with the school to ensure that our legacy of learning can be shared with the broader industry.

Spotlight: Project Sirohi

Volunteers working with Engineers Without Borders-India provided solar-powered lighting to the village of 3,500 residents.

Because of the nature of our business, we spend a finite amount of time on our projects. We strive to pass on a positive engagement with host communities to our customers after our project is completed. We believe that Bechtel’s long experience with sustainability issues in construction helps us build better projects and a better world. We therefore share our time, practices, and ideas with our industry, business associations, NGOs, and think tanks to foster a global community of interest focused on sustainable development.
  • In Australia, we serve on the board of Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd., the region’s leading tourism and economic development agency.
  • In the United States, Bechtel belongs to the Construction Industry Institute sustainability research team. Our contribution goes toward a new guidance tool to improve the integration of sustainability during the project’s construction phase.
  • In Qatar, we are using our service on the board for directors for Engineers Against Poverty to improve labor conditions on local infrastructure projects.
We believe that Bechtel’s long experience with sustainability issues in construction helps us build better projects and a better world.