Bechtel Fellows

William Imrie, Pyrometallurgical Engineering


Bill is a highly regarded metallurgical expert with more than 40 years of experience. His recommendation for integrated flash smelting and flash converting technology was a first application in the industry.

Get to Know Bill

What is the most exciting or challenging project you were involved in, and what was your role?

As a PM leading a team challenged by the client to find USD billion capital cost saving and witnessing a team work cohesively and enthusiastically to engineer solutions that met the target.  Less recent, as principal engineer, promoting technology changes and environmental controls that the client supported and that became industry recognized as best available control technology (BACT).

What is the best career advice that you’ve received?

No matter if it seems demeaning, use every task as a learning experience and opportunity to excel.

What do you see as the key skills that new engineers need to have in the global job market?

Communication—even brilliant ideas do not survive without itand understanding big picture economics of chosen field stay relevant.

What leadership skills do you think are needed to be a great engineer?

Again, communication. Sharing vision and goals with credibility, and also passion.