Bechtel Fellows

Robert Janssen, Hydraulics and Slurry Transport Systems


During his more than 20 years with Bechtel, Robert has made important contributions related to the design, engineering, and construction of complex slurry and water resources infrastructure projects.

Get to Know Robert

What is the most exciting or challenging project you were involved in, and what was your role?

The Santiago Hub in Chile was a unique arrangement where the Bechtel and client project teams worked closely together toward the success of a number of projects critical to the development of the Chilean economy. The mutual respect and trust that this arrangement developed encouraged the teams to think outside the box and develop technical and project execution innovations. There was strong support from senior management to provide stretch assignments, and this allowed me to hold a variety of roles, from technical specialist for slurry transport to project manager.

What is the best career advice that you’ve received?

That my success will depend largely on the success of those around me. So, it's karma that by identifying the unique strengths and abilities of others and going out of our way to help them excel, we can all grow stronger together.

What do you see as the key skills that new engineers need to have in the global job market?

The global engineering environment is so technologically amazing and at the same time intimidating, that new engineers should jump in with both humility and connectedness. The complexity and constant change can be overwhelming, but we should all believe that we have an important part to play in improving our world for future generations.

What leadership skills do you think are needed to be a great engineer?

I’m a great believer that leaders need to demonstrate courage and adherence to core values under adversity. All projects go through difficult and stressful periods, and performing through these times from an unwavering base of core values is an awesome motivator to all those around to follow this lead and go beyond the call of duty to turn a good project into a great project.