Bechtel Fellows

Prem Attanayake, Environmental Engineering


Recognized as a technical leader in environmental restoration and environmental monitoring, Prem has developed state-of-the-art monitoring techniques that are used around the world.

Get to Know Prem

What is the most exciting or challenging project you were involved in, and what was your role?

Construction dewatering for a coal handling terminal in New Castle, Australia. I was invited to review a design that was developed by an outside consultant, and the design was not providing the desired outcome. The project was behind schedule. I was able to point out shortcomings of the design and develop a more viable design. My recommendations were implemented, and we were able to complete the project successfully.

What is the best career advice that you’ve received?

Don’t consider, think about, or worry about the compensation of the person in the next cubicle. In other words, don’t compare compensation with that of others.

What do you see as the key skills that new engineers need to have in the global job market?

To be able to apply the theoretical knowledge they acquire in school to real-world problems.

What leadership skills do you think are needed to be a great engineer?

Teamwork: Realize that our collective knowledge is always superior, and when we consolidate our knowledge and abilities, we achieve great results.