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Gabon National Infrastructure, Gabon, Africa Overview

Scope of Work Infrastructure master planning, construction management, and staffing services
Schedule 2010–2025
Business Infrastructure

Sustainable economic growth and social advancement in West Africa

gabon skilled craft workersBechtel and the government of Gabon developed a $25 billion national master plan for infrastructure, and a public-works agency that Bechtel helped to establish―and is now supporting―which are delivering a hundred projects to serve the nation's 1.5 million people.

The transformation plan and resulting buildout covers education, housing and urbanization, transportation, water and power, medical resources. It's goal of balancing economic progress with social and environmental priorities to support the government of Gabon's vision, include: 

  • Increasing industrial capacity and process more raw materials locally
  • Carefully and sustainably managing the country's natural resources and biodiversity
  • Creating prosperity that results in higher-value jobs and better services 

The work

During the next decade, teams will build or upgrade more than 1,000 miles (1,600+ kilometers) of roads and more than 500 miles (800+ kilometers) of rail lines. Completed infrastructure projects include:

  • 5,000 public housing units
  • Gabon's first community wastewater treatment plant
  • two stadiums, hotels, and roads for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations football tournament, hosted by Gabon
  • the design for and feasibility study of a new port, marina, and conference center in Libreville
cup of nations stadium
400 million has been spent through mid-2014 on infrastructure projects. 250+ million directed to Gabonese companies

Education and training

gabonese workersThe plan calls for educational resources to drive prosperity in a way that Gabon's wealth of oil, timber, and manganese cannot do on its own.  A massive investment in education includes new schools, universities, and the fiber-optic communications to facilitate Internet education and help meet Gabon's need for skilled workers.

As the projects progress, Bechtel and the agency it manages are training and employing increasing numbers of Gabonese workers and professionals―raising standards and transferring both knowledge and skills. We are advancing the competencies of workers to achieve international standards for quality, ethics, and safety. Some 40 contractors have completed more than 200 courses―from how to conduct environmental risk assessments to maintaining facilities.