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Electric generation using fossil, nuclear, and renewable fuel sources as well as special services for power generating customers.

The worldwide demand for energy has never been greater, and Bechtel’s teams are delivering it in a way no other company can match. Over the past half century, we've been a global leader in the design and construction of fossil- and nuclear-fueled power plants. Today, we are also a leader in renewable and alternative sources such as IGCC, solar, biomass and waste-to-energy, and the use of advanced technologies for emissions retrofits and carbon capture. Bechtel is actively involved in the modernization of existing nuclear plants to prolong their life cycles, and we are playing a major role in building the next generation of nuclear facilities.

Learn about Bechtel and B&W's Generation mPower alliance to design and deploy small modular reactors for new and existing nuclear power plants.

In all our projects we use advanced technology to ensure that new facilities are cost-efficient and meet or exceed environmental standards. Bechtel has an unparalleled track record of managing both large and small-scale projects, including many industry firsts. We couple this with our industry-best practices and ability to rapidly scale projects in a variety of global regions and climates to provide our customers with certainty of outcome. In addition to meeting increased demand for energy, Bechtel-built power plants are serving the community by providing many jobs to local residents.