Bechtel Wins Brass LNG Project Management Contract

June 7, 2007 Brass LNG Limited announces that it has entered into a Project Management contract with Bechtel Corporation of the United States to manage some aspects of construction work on the Brass LNG Project.

The contract covers the coordination of all plant site activity for the construction of the Brass LNG project comprising two trains of million metric tons per annum, as well as other works involved in the construction of the plant. These include site preparation, construction camp and construction dock, permanent operator housing and amenities, marine facilities, common facilities and support services, tankageutilities and offsites, and others.

Bechtel was chosen because of its proven track record, and the company has world class experience in the implementation of the ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade Process which has also been adopted for the Brass LNG plant. Bechtel completed the Front End Engineering Design for the plant in 2006.

Edoreh E. Agbah
Executive Director, External Relations
Brass LNG Limited