Uk Treasury Taskforce Selects Bechtel Finance Officer

January 11, 1999 Alan Mawdsley, managing director of Bechtel Enterprises (BEn) in London, is being seconded to the UK government's Treasury Taskforce for six months beginning in January 1999.The UK government has been a world leader in mobilizing private sector capital for infrastructure and other projects through its Private Finance Initiative. Despite many successes, the Taskforce is seeking further private sector reinforcement in monitoring the government's new capital spending programmes and in evolving new public-private financing vehicles.

Mawdsley, who will report to Chief Executive Adrian Montague, has 17 years experience in management, project finance, financial analysis, corporate finance, and project development.

Mawdsley is being replaced by Philip Curry, associate managing director of BEn. Curry joined BEn in 1996 after a 24-year career as a banker and investment banker in the City of London.

BEn is Bechtel's project development, financing, and ownership affiliate, and is a partner in 11 infrastructure and technology companies. Since 1990, BEn has arranged more than $13 billion in financing for projects around the world.
Bechtel, founded in 1898, is a premier engineering, construction, and management company. The privately held firm reported revenues of $11.3 billion in 1997.