Intergraph And Bechtel Sign Global Strategic Supplier Agreement

September 25, 1998 Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR) and Bechtel Corporation jointly announced they have signed a Global Strategic Supplier Agreement. Under terms of the agreement, Intergraph will supply software, hardware, technical assistance, and various services to support Bechtel's global engineering and construction projects.Larry D. Hall, principal vice president and corporate manager of engineering, Bechtel, said, "Bechtel chose Intergraph as a Global Strategic Supplier because it is the acknowledged world leader in design and engineering software for process plants and related engineering projects. Intergraph has the experience, resources, and an understanding of our business that's essential for supporting our global projects. Bechtel has previously made major commitments to use Intergraph products, and in fact, the Intergraph Plant Design System has been a de facto standard for a number of years. This agreement formalizes that commitment, but still allows us to continue a flexible CADD strategy to serve our customers' requirements."

"The agreement with Bechtel underscores the fact that Intergraph is the right technology and business choice for global partnering," said David Stinson, executive vice president, Intergraph Process & Building Solutions division. "Both Intergraph and Bechtel are organized globally. With our offices in 65 countries and our four global centers of excellence, we are strategically positioned to effectively support Bechtel projects anywhere."
The agreement is expected to increase Bechtel's user productivity through Intergraph support provided on a short response time basis. In addition, Bechtel anticipates improved software and hardware system performance through Intergraph expertise and technology, as well as improved software functionality through mutual, coordinated development efforts.

Agreement includes most Intergraph engineering software

Software covered by the agreement includes virtually all Intergraph product offerings for engineering. Representative software includes the Plant Design System (PDS (TM)) for design, engineering, operation, and maintenance of process and other plants; DesignReview (R) and SmartPlant (TM) Viewer for 3D visualization; SmartPlant Explorer for Web access of plant data; Imagineer (TM) Technical for 2D design; SiteWorks (TM) SelectCAD and InRoads (R) SelectCAD for site and infrastructure design; InterPlot (R) products, including The Digital Print Room (SM), for plotting and printing; and I/RAS (TM) solutions for raster editing and conversion.

Intergraph provides comprehensive services

Services to be provided by Intergraph include training, systems and network installation in design offices and at job sites, software development for new and existing applications, custom software integration, and general productivity consulting. Technical support services include general software and hardware support as well as Internet/intranet support. Intergraph will provide specific support personnel to handle Bechtel's global support requirements on an expedited basis.

Hardware includes variety of advanced equipment

Hardware will include workstations such as the Intergraph TDZ (R) 2000; servers such as those in the InterServe (TM) family of hardware; and other computer equipment. The agreement also provides for custom pre-loading, configuring, and testing of application software as part of the manufacturing process.

Intergraph to begin implementation in global locations

Intergraph will begin implementing the agreement in the Bechtel Petroleum & Chemical Global Industry Unit design center in Houston, Tex., and design centers in the following locations: Denver, Colo.; Brisbane, Australia; Lima, Peru; Melbourne, Australia; Santiago, Chile; Calgary, Canada; London, England; and Singapore.