Intergen-led Consortium Wins São Paulo I And Ii Bid

March 31, 1998 EletroPaulo Metropolitana, the São Paulo-based electric utility, announced that an InterGen-led consortium has won the award to construct the nominal 900 MW combined-cycle São Paulo I and II project, formerly known as the Piratininga project, in São Paulo, Brazil. The winning consortium, named Onyx Generating Limitada, is composed of InterGen, Shell Generating Ltd., and Brazilian-based VBC Energia. Six international consortia originally submitted bids for Piratininga on December 22, 1997.

InterGen is jointly owned by Bechtel Enterprises and Shell Generating, Ltd. "We are very pleased to have won this bid," said John Foster, InterGen's senior vice president for Latin America. "The São Paulo market is one of the most important in Brazil and the broader Mercosur region. InterGen is focused on making a long-term committment to Brazil's energy market and this marks the first of what we hope will be several significant investments in Brazil," he added.