Bechtel Makes Executive Appointments

January 5, 1998 Bechtel has made a number of executive appointments, announced by Chief Executive Officer Riley P. Bechtel. In addition to John Carter, Cliff Mumm, Jude Laspa, Ted Kyzer, and Lee McIntire, whose appointments were announced on Dec. 11, 1997, Bernie Meyers, Larry Ruhland, and Bob Baxter also have new titles and new responsibilities. 

Bernie Meyers Bechtel Lucent Alliance Meyers has been seconded to Lucent technologies, a global telecommunications industry leader to which Bechtel is allied, to serve as its vice president of program management. He reports to the president of Lucent Network Systems. The Lucent-Bechtel alliance is marketing and bidding on telecommunications installations in North America and target countries around the world. Meyers was head of Bechtel's central engineering and construction functions and, prior to that, the company's North America operation.

Larry Ruhland Engineering and Construction Central Functions Ruhland succeeds Bernie Meyers as manager of Bechtel's E&C Central Functions. Ruhland, headquartered in Houston, returns to the United States from Saudi Arabia, where he was project manager for Bechtel's work with Lucent on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's sixth Telephone Expansion Program (TEP 6) and its accompanying Global Services Mobile cellular system. Ruhland previously managed Bechtel's Gaithersburg, Maryland, office between 1991 and 1995.
Bob Baxter Human Resources Baxter has been appointed manager of Bechtel's human resources organization worldwide. Baxter continues as president of Bechtel Civil Company until a successor is announced. Baxter joined Bechtel in 1988 as a manager of aviation services and was key to positioning the company as the leading worldwide contractor in transportation planning, design, and construction. He was posted to Hong Kong in 1992 to establish a permanent Bechtel civil office and manage the company's Asia Pacific operations. He became president of Bechtel Civil in 1996.