Bechtel Kicks-off Centennial Year

January 13, 1998 Bechtel will kick off a year-long centennial celebration January 17 at Boulder City and Hoover Dam, recognizing one of the engineering and construction company's early large-scale triumphs. Bechtel officials and employees are expected to be joined by U.S. Senators Harry Reid and Richard Bryan.
Hoover Dam marked the first of Bechtel's many megaprojects. Under founder Warren A. Bechtel and his son Steve Sr., the firm played a key role building the massive dam as part of the Six Companies consortium. That effort, begun in 1931 with the award of a $49 million contract, was the largest civil engineering project in U.S. history. Six Companies completed the work in five years, more than two years ahead of schedule.

Bechtel will begin its 12-month worldwide celebration with a rededication ceremony at Hoover Dam. Those assembled January 17 will commemorate the landmark structure, salute the people who built it, and memorialize those who perished during its construction.