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Jamnagar Refinery

After building a refinery in northwestern India, Bechtel returned to help expand it.

Construction of the Jamnagar Refinery

When Bechtel completed the Reliance Jamnagar complex in northwest India, it was the largest refinery and petrochemicals complex ever built from the ground up. Now it's even bigger, and lays claim to being the world's largest oil-refining hub.

A second refinery, adjacent to the first, was completed in 2008, nearly doubling the facility's capacity to more than 1.2 million barrels per day. 

Construction of the second refinery required over 200,000 engineering and supplier documents, 1.5 million cubic meters of concrete, more than 4 million meters of piping, and 4,400 pieces of major equipment. The work site itself covered an area larger than London.

At peak construction, the project employed more than 70,000 workers. In addition, Bechtel created a “virtual company” involving some 2,800 engineers and other professionals in 19 offices around the world—perhaps the most widely distributed workforce Bechtel has ever applied to a project. 

Reliance Industries is the only Indian company included in the Fortune Global 500. And it continues to be a valued customer of Bechtel.