Water Planning

Designing and delivering urban water systems

It is projected that the world’s population will increase from 7 billion today to 9.6 billion by 2050, with virtually all of that growth occurring in the developing world and its cities. City dwellers will constitute almost 70% of the world's population in 2050 up from 54% currently. Yearly population growth of more than 60 million people is expected. Existing cities will expand and new cities will develop. Perhaps the most critical need for these cities is reliable access to water—for citizens, services and industry.

Bechtel has a long-history of planning and delivering new cities and all vital infrastructure needed to support themincluding roads, airports, bridges, ports, power, industry, and secure, reliable water systems. 

Our landmark work includes the groundbreaking National Infrastructure Plan for Gabon in Central Africa; Waad al Shamaal, a 170 square mile (440 square kilometer) city in Saudi Arabia's Northern Frontier; and Jubail in Saudi Arabia—one of Bechtel’s most remarkable achievements—a city built from the sand up, requiring vast resources and logistical planning on an unprecedented scale.

Water for six Saudi cities

Currently, we are designing and delivering water and wastewater conveyance, delivery, processing and storage systems for six new cities in Saudi Arabia.



Bechtel and the government of Gabon developed a $25 billion national master plan for infrastructure, and a public-works agency that Bechtel helped to establish―and is now supporting―is delivering a hundred projects to serve the country's 1.5 million people.