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An ambitious new commuter railway will feature a 21-kilometer tunnel under London.

Crossrail Commuter Railway - London

A Bechtel-led team is overseeing construction of a 21-kilometer tunnel that will be the centerpiece of Crossrail, a new railway connecting London to commuter areas east and west of the city.

Dubbed “Super Tube,” Crossrail will give some 1.5 million new riders easy access to the City of London, Canary Wharf, the West End, and Heathrow Airport. The 118-kilometer system is scheduled to open in 2018.

In addition to the twin-bore tunnel beneath densely-populated central London, Bechtel and team members Halcrow and Systra will be responsible for six new train stations (an artist's conception of the new Bond Street station is shown above).

Rail projects in the UK are nothing new for Bechtel. In the late 1990s, the company helped complete the historic Channel Tunnel connecting England and France. In 1999, it completed the extension of the London Underground’s Jubilee Line in time for the city’s millennium celebration. A Bechtel-led team managed construction of the High Speed 1 rail line, and Bechtel managed the modernization of the busy West Coast Main Line. The company also worked on the renovation of the London Underground’s Jubilee, Northern, and Piccadilly lines.