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End-to-end services for communications infrastructure

For more than three decades, Bechtel has deployed both wireline and wireless communications networks for various customers around the world. Our global wireless network deployment experience is unrivaled in the industry. We have performed services on more than 115,000 sites, including new builds, technology upgrades/overlays, integrations, modifications, and decommissioning. In parallel with our wireless expertise, our wireline experience includes deployment of long-haul fiber networks, metropolitan fiber rings, fiber-to-the-home networks, and data centers.

Our turnkey service offering commences with network planning and encompasses site acquisition/rights-of-way, engineering, permitting, construction, equipment installation, and network testing/optimization. As a global company, we understand that different locations demand different solutions, ranging from technology selection and network design to satisfying local regulations and end-user requirements. We are committed to a global reach with a local touch and bring more than 110 years of project management experience, technical expertise, and an appreciation and focus on specific project requirements.

Whether a customer requires upgrading next-generation data speeds to a GSM wireless network, deploying WiMAX networks in a major city, or extending fiber capacity to cell sites or neighborhoods, we can complete the job on time and within budget. Our expertise enables us to quickly resolve complex deployment issues for our customers, allowing them to focus on sales and operations. Our standardized designs, proven work processes, robust management tools, and leadership experience reduce capital requirements, lower operating costs, accelerate schedules, and deliver quality projects safely to our customers.