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Career Fields

Careers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Positions in administration at Bechtel take advantage of strong administrative, organizational, and communication skills. Many positions also include planning travel and meetings, managing and controlling documents, and archiving records. If you can keep everything ship-shape, come aboard.

Business Development
Business development is what turns a great prospect into a great project. At Bechtel, we pride ourselves in pursuing only quality work—and knowing when to walk away from a bad deal. Selectivity, patience, persistence, and understanding the customer are the keys to winning the next job.

Bechtel’s construction teams are proud of their role as builders, completing projects around the world—often under difficult conditions in challenging locations. Supervisors, superintendents, and field engineers in civil, electrical, mechanical, piping, rigging, welding, and quality assurance are just some of the on-site pros who bring a project to life.

After the project award and the handshakes, Bechtel contracts professionals know that at the heart of every good project is good contract. The contract maps out project scope, schedule, and terms, helping maintain good customer relationships, balance risk with reward, and enhance results—for our customer and for Bechtel.

Bechtel has a long tradition of technical and engineering excellence. Bechtel engineers use their ideas and ingenuity to design innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Engineering disciplines at Bechtel include chemical and process, civil, control systems, electrical, mechanical, nuclear, plant design, project, and structural. 

Environmental, Safety & Health
Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Zero. No matter how you say it, that’s our goal—zero accidents. Bechtel’s safety and health experts are there to help. Because in safety, zero really does count. Our environmental professionals mitigate erosion, manage waste and hazardous materials, prevent spills, and protect sensitive resources.

External Affairs
Bechtel’s external affairs team encompasses a wide range of disciplines—from media relations, public affairs, and internal and external communications to security and sustainability—all with an eye toward managing issues and supporting Bechtel’s ability to win and perform our work and motivate our employees.

Bechtel’s finance team is responsible for the integrity of the company’s worldwide financial operations and policies, including accounting, financial reporting, forecasting and budgeting, treasury and credit, cash management, foreign exchange, strategic planning, and tax planning and compliance.

Human Resources
People are what makes Bechtel a great company. Human resources helps us recruit, develop, motivate, and retain the best people in our business. From staffing, benefits, and employee relations to learning and talent development, our HR pros help foster a workplace that offers challenging work, rewards, and room to grow.

Information, Systems & Technology
Bechtel’s IS&T team provides the hardware and software that Bechtel employees use to do their jobs every day—on projects and in offices around the world. Whether it’s computing or communicating, IS&T delivers the goods, with an eye toward speed, reliability, technical expertise, and knowledge of our business.

Internal Audit
Bechtel’s internal audit team evaluates the company’s internal policies, and periodically conducts investigations to ensure that Bechtel and its employees are adhering to the company’s standards of conduct, avoiding conflict of interest, and operating at the highest levels of ethics, with integrity, honesty, and fairness.  

Labor Relations
Bechtel’s labor relations professionals are experts in fostering and maintaining cooperative relationships between craft workers and management on construction projects. Their responsibilities include recruiting, negotiating, managing employment contracts, implementing work rules, and working with subcontractors—all to keep the job on schedule and headed for completion.

Bechtel’s top-notch team of legal experts helps sort through today’s complex regulatory and legal issues surrounding engineering and constructions projects, such as licensing, risk management, compliance, and employment to name a few. And not just in one country, but in all the nearly 50 countries where Bechtel works.

Each year, Bechtel’s procurement teams buy approximately $3 billion of goods and services from suppliers in more than 50 countries. Once purchased, those good and services must be delivered to projects worldwide—often to some of the most remote and challenging locations in the world. 

Project Controls
Project controls professionals provide an independent voice with an objective view of how Bechtel’s projects are doing in all aspects of performance, including cost and schedule. Project controls makes the biggest contribution when reporting project data, assessing progress in the field, and then analyzing and interpreting the data as well.  Current opportunities.

Project Management and Operations
Operations and project managers oversee entire projects—from $200 million jobs to new plants and infrastructure that can cost several billion dollars and involve thousands of workers. The project manager’s ability to plan, organize, and execute a project, from start to finish, helps Bechtel deliver quality work to our customers safely, on time, and within budget. Current opportunities.

Quality Assurance
Quality is doing the job right the first time. It doesn’t just happen. It requires a commitment from the entire team from the first day of the project. Bechtel’s quality assurance professionals ensure our work meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations—every time.

Right-of-Way/Site Acquisition
Roads, railways, and wireless communication towers can’t get built unless they have property zoned and approved to build on. Right-of-way and site acquisition professionals work with communities and agencies to literally clear the way for these projects to move forward.

Risk Management
Risk is part of our business, so managing it is essential. Bechtel’s first line of defense against risk is the contract. Right behind is our risk management team, anticipating, assessing, and mitigating Bechtel’s exposure to risks that could affect people, property, and our ability to work.

Startup, or commissioning, is the process of “turning on” or running a facility or equipment for the first time. Bechtel startup engineers test, calibrate, demonstrate, and verify various mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment before successfully turning over the facility to the owner for normal operation.