Wax Fractionation

Wax Fractionation

The BHTS Wax FractionationSM process is a solvent-based crystallization process to selectively recover hard waxes from a waxy feedstock, such as the slack wax from a solvent dewaxing unit. This process can either be a stand-alone unit or integrated into an existing dewaxing unit.

Both macrocrystalline (from distillate feedstocks) and microcrystalline (from heavy distillate and residual feedstocks) hard wax products can be produced with the Wax Fractionation process. These products are characterized by low oil contents consistent with commercial market requirements. Soft wax is produced as a process by-product.

Integration of the BHTS Solvent Dewaxing and Wax Fractionation process technologies into one continuous unit results in several efficiencies. Facilities common to both processes, such as refrigeration and solvent recovery facilities, are shared, saving investment costs. In addition, the warm up deoiling of the slack wax saves considerable energy because it will not be necessary to chill down slack wax from storage. Subsequently, the need for intermediate tankage for the slack wax intermediate stream is eliminated.

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Stand-alone wax fractionation process

Integrated wax fractionation process