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Sustainable Business Practices in Emerging Markets

Global Private Equity Conference

Socio-economic circumstances across global emerging markets present challenges for countries, communities, businesses and investors. How are shifting and competing trends such as liberalization and urban growth, persistent poverty and resource constraints, coupled with the explosion of social media, shaping the landscape for global business players?

These markets also present complex sustainability and governance challenges. How should private equity investors approach these markets and challenges to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable business practices and sound corporate governance?

How important is the role of private companies in spurring the transition from business as usual to sustainable economic growth?

Investor expectations are evolving, and environmental issues, sustainability and business integrity is not only a DFI concern. To what extent are mainstream investors adopting sustainability requirements, and what are the implications for private equity fund managers?


Mark Tercek, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nature Conservancy
Tam Nguyen, Global Head of Sustainability, Bechtel
Ritu Kumar, Director of Environmental and Social Responsibility, CDC Group PLC


Yana Kakar, Global Managing Partner, Dalberg Global Development Advisors


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