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Sharjah airport master plan

We served a key role in the dynamic development of Middle Eastern airports during recent decades, as these airports have rapidly advanced to become global leaders in size, efficiency, and technological sophistication.

We have been proud to work with clients in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Muscat, and other nations, where our roles have ranged from planning and design to project management to construction and operations startup.

One assignment is the preparation of a 20-year master plan for Sharjah International Airport in Sharjah, the third-largest UAE emirate. Working collaboratively with the Sharjah Airport Authority and important airport stakeholders —including Air Arabia, other airlines, regulatory agencies, and private businesses operating at the airport—we are developing a comprehensive plan for the airport’s continuing dynamic growth during the next two decades.


  • Accommodating the rapid increase in airport activity, with passenger activity anticipated to grow from 8.5 million passengers per annum to 25 million within 20 years
  • Expanding the passenger terminal and other airport facilities efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Continuing operations during construction of the expanded facilities
  • Enhancing commercial development, providing multiple revenue streams to support the airport's financial sustainability, and enhancing its economic benefits to the emirate