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Partnership for growth

Delivering the vision

Since 2010, Bechtel has had the privilege of serving the people of Gabon to achieve Le Gabon Émergent—the national vision for sustainable growth and shared prosperity.

We are working closely with the government and its citizens to implement their $25 billion National Infrastructure Master Plan that will enable the country to modernize the national workforce, expand access to social development, and advance connectivity within the country, across Africa, and with the rest of the world. By transferring our world-class standards, proven processes and accumulated knowledge, Bechtel and Gabon are demonstrating to other African governments—and the world—a promising way in which public-private partnerships can deliver ambitious national development plans.

Building institutional capacity

The success of the initiative rests in large measure on local management and accountability. We are helping to build this institutional capacity through the organization and management of the l’Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux (ANGT), the government agency that oversees execution and delivery of the master plan and its individual projects across Gabon and within multiple sectors. ANGT also coordinates work with various ministries and government agencies, incorporates new execution tools and management processes, manages domestic and international procurement and contracting, and engages communities about implementation progress.

Comprehensive feasibility studies conducted across Gabon provide government authorities with a wealth of detailed technical, social, and financial data with which to make informed decisions about future project plans, designs, and priorities.

Many talented Gabonese are attracted to ANGT, including diaspora who have returned to Gabon. To date the agency achieved a 40:60 expat-to-Gabonese ratio with a trajectory toward eventual 100 percent Gabonese management.

Building for the future1

To develop a modern and capable construction sector and prepare Gabon for future domestic and international investment, we are working with the government to advance the skills and competencies of all workers to implement and maintain international standards of quality, ethics, and safety. 

  • 38 contractors have completed 210 training courses covering site setup, site plant and vehicle maintenance, proper use of personal protective equipment, and conducting environmental risk assessments.
  • 50 more courses were added in 2014 to teach contractors internationally recognized environmental, safety, and health processes.

​We also help local businesses participate in the tendering process and have created and introduced requirements for contracting Gabonese businesses.

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating young people about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. The program in Gabon reached 300 young adults in its first year, with the expectation to reach many more in 2015.